Administrative Services

Our job is to simplify community administration.

Like our management services, our administrative services are multi-faceted to meet the unique needs of our partners. Administrative services for Colorado special districts and HOAs alike can be difficult to conduct and manage. We’re experienced in completing required notices and filings, handling district payables, and taking board meeting minutes. We also help with those small but important tasks like monitoring statutory deadlines and filings as applicable.

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Are you looking for more help with community outreach?

Our team has years of experience with everything from polling to monthly newsletter distribution. Many of us are part of an HOA or special district, and as members we know what we want. This translates well into our administrative services because while it is very calculated, it is an integral part of any high-functioning homeowners association.

When a big change is presented to the neighborhood, it is important to educate members of the change, and poll them about their concerns.

This creates a more transparent community where all residents work together toward a common goal. Through our specialized services, we can address community questions and concerns with expert communication and outreach.

House in Neighborhood

Larger areas often have a focus on creating a sense of community for their residents.

CCG can bring people together through our event-planning and support services. This includes sign-up sheets on your website, logistics, coordination with committee members, and notification to the community via email and newsletter. Let us help your community exceed expectations.

Remember, our administrative services can stand alone, but they can also be a part of our larger management package.

Our team takes a more strategic, financial, AND calculated approach to building an organization that runs smoothly while building and maintaining a reputation for transparency and excellence.

If you need third-party administration—but don’t know where to start—we can help! We’re happy to meet with you to discuss your organization’s needs. We start with a simple interview to discover where your current pain points are. After this, we will craft a customized service plan to meet your needs.