Liberty Draw Metropolitan District

Liberty Draw Metropolitan District is located in Greeley, CO and was organized in December 2022. Please contact us for more information.

Meeting Notices and Schedule

The Board of Directors of the Liberty Draw Metropolitan District will hold a Special meeting of the Board on Wednesday, April 19, 2023 at 10:30 a.m. (or as soon thereafter as the Boards determine) at Baessler Homes, 33105 County Road 33, Greeley, CO 80631. The meeting will also be available via telephone conference and Zoom. Meeting Agenda and Notice are attached here. 


Regular Meeting Schedule:

  • The Board has determined to not hold regular meetings at this time.


District Documents

Please click here to view District documents. Please contact us for any documents not listed.

Board of Directors:

  • Andrew Gerk, President, Term Expires – May 2025
  • Zachary Cesar, Term Expires – May 2023
  • Franklin Gardiner, Term Expires – May 2025
  • Mitchell Nelson, Term Expires – May 2023
  • Tanya Smith, Term Expires – May 2025

To contact the Board of Directors or the Manager, please email or call (970) 484-0101 ext. 948.

2023 Election Information

The Liberty Draw Metropolitan District 1-7 Regular Election on May 2, 2023 has been cancelled. Please contact the Board of Directors or the Manager at or call (970) 484-0101 ext. 948 for more information.

Election Cancellation