Timberleaf Metropolitan District

Timberleaf Metro District is located about 5 miles East of I-25, off of 136th and Yosemite in Thornton, CO. This future community will contain 252 single family homes and a 4.5 acre community park. Please contact us for more information.

Meeting Notices and Schedule

The Timberleaf Metropolitan District will be holding a Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors, via Zoom, on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, at 3:00 p.m. Click here for the Regular Meeting Agenda.


District Documents

Please click here to view District documents. Please contact us for any documents not listed.

Board of Directors:

  • Jordan Honea, President, Term Expires – May 2023
  • Ron Mullenbach, Term Expires – May 2025
  • Bill Carlisle, Term Expires – May 2023
  • Kim Herman, Term Expires – May 2025
  • Mike Bird, Term Expires – May2023

To contact the Board of Directors or the Manager, please email timberleaf@ccgcolorado.com or call (970) 484-0101 ext. 993.

2023 Election Information

The Timberleaf Metropolitan District Regular Election on May 2, 2023 has been cancelled. For more information, please contact the DEO at 44 Cook Street, Suite 620, Denver, Colorado 80206 or via email sluetjen@cegrlaw.com

Notice of Cancellation

Cancellation of Election and Declaration Deeming Candidates Elected